A little coaster project...

I have been dying to get this little project underway for a long time, and if you've seen my blog post on Servietten Technique & the workshop I attended then you'll know I am a big fan!

I had been waiting to get myself into gear mainly, for some of my other projects to subside and most importantly, I needed to get myself some tiles. The last point was the easiest part, yet I left that until last.  However, I finally got myself in gear, and here is how my day turned out.

I had been thinking about making a vintage set of coasters for a while, something chic and timeless, and I came across this gorgeous print that I was just dying to use.

I chose four tiles, and covered them carefully, and waited for the undercoat of glue to dry (which I must say is this hardest part of this craft, because you just find yourself wanting to keep going through all the stages).

Then it was onto the top coat, covering the coasters with the glue to set the image onto the tile, then more drying.

Now I just need to do the final stages before they will be ready.

I think you'll agree with me when I say, they are looking pretty cool.