I got chills...they're multiplyin'

A little over a month ago I went on a very good friends Hen do, arranged by myself (Bridesmaid) and the Maid of Honour.

The theme of the Hen party was 'American/Grease' with the two themes tying together quite well.

We started the day at 11am, with an American themed brunch. We made our own American pancakes on my pancake maker and had them with bacon and maple syrup. We also had Bucks Fizz to drink.

Next it was on to dressing up for the day. Before brunch we had revealed to the bride-to-be that the Hen do had an American theme, at this stage everything else was a surprise.

Next we had planned we would reveal just one part of the day to her. First I did her make up to make her into Sandy from Grease, before we all secretly dressed in our pink lady jackets. We faced her away from us and gave her a scroll, revealing that one part of her Hen do would be a sing-a-long Grease show that evening, but that there would be many other surprises throughout the day.

Before leaving each hen got a Hen do gift back. In there, keeping to the American theme were American chocolates, Hershey's Cookies & Cream and Butterfingers (The bride-to-be's faves)! In each bag we also included a Dare card, which each hen would need to complete before the end of the day.

We also included a Hen do emergency kit, which included Lipgloss, Asprin, Rehydration fluids (for the next morning), a nail file, plaster and a safety pin.

Sandy and her Pink Ladies set off for London. Our first stop was LVPO bar, where we took part in a cocktail making workshop. We each got to make a cocktail of our choice off of the menu before splitting into two teams and having a mojito contest.

While still at LVPO we had nibbles and then played a game of a Mr & Mrs which we had pre-planned, with some answers from the Groom!

Next it was on to Covent Garden for drinks.

Next, and continuing the American theme, it was onto Roadhouse in Covent Garden for some American Style dining and cocktails.

Then it was onto Leicester Square for the Grease sing-a-long show.

Brilliant day was had by everyone, lots of fun, lots of laughs, lots of drinks and most importantly of all, the Bride-to-be loved every minute. Success!

Love, Amybecca x