After making our vintage bunting for the recent wedding, I think all three of us who took part would all agree that we had seen our fair share of bunting and were happy to give it a wide berth for a while.

However, enough time seems to have passed us by and we were itching to get back to our bunting ways. After making so much for the wedding we felt like pro's, and it wasn't long before we were experimenting again.

(Picture of a section of our bunting for the wedding)

Amy started the bunting task, with a little something for herself. Having decorated her room and wanting a little something different instead of a border, Amy decided to make some bunting.

This bunting was just single sided, and was made out of three different materials to make the different flags.
What do you think?

Carol got back into bunting next, and with Christmas fast approaching she tried her hand at some decorative bunting for the festive season.

Do you like her Christmas bunting?

What other types of bunting would you like to see in our Folky Shop?


  1. I love all the bunting pictures, the wedding bunting is so cute and looks lovely!

    Might have to buy some of your christmas bunting next pay day, will look lovely for a vintage christmas look!

  2. I love the Christmas bunting - I am surprised you wanted to do bunting again! I would have thought the bunting we did was enough to put you off for life ;o) xxxxxxxxxxx

    1. lol we did umm and ahh over it, but we realised that we were now pretty good at it, didn't want to waste the skill!