Bedroom Decoration - Jazzing up some old boxes

The re-doing of my room is a constant, ongoing process... I am always looking for ways to make my room look more cute and more creative.

My latest idea was to stencil onto some boxes to pack away my beauty stuff, so its not all over the place!

I have some old white boxes (the theme of my room is white and a raspberry pink colour) which I got from Ikea that used to hold DVDs. I decided to stencil on what I would be keeping inside, and they would be stacked on a shelf in my beauty 'room'.

All I needed was a suitable stencil, some acrylic paint, which I used straight from the tube, a paintbrush, and the white boxes.

Remember: Let each of the previous letter dry before starting the next one to ensure you don't smudge the paint. It only takes around 5-10 minutes for the paint to dry, and if you do several boxes at a time, the others can be drying while you do the next one.

I think you'll agree, they look quite effective!