Quick & Healthy Banana Milkshake

I love to make a milkshake to have with my breakfast in the morning, and being that I can't tolerate dairy these days I have had to find me a replacement. On a day to day basis, on cereal and such, I use Almond milk (which by the way... AMAZING) however, the taste of the almond overpowers any milkshake, so when I am making a banana milkshake I have started to use Vanilla Rice Dream.

The consistency is a lot like that of Yazoo (the UHT milkshake drink for those of you who don't know it), very thin, and the vanilla flavour also adds to the overall taste of the milkshake. 
(You can get Rice Dream in its regular flavour too).

To make the Milkshake:
1. Peel and slice a banana.
2. Add it to the blender and blend until soft.
3. Add milk.

Love, Amybecca.... x