Christmas Coaster Stack

Some of you who have been following Blanket Stitch for a while, might recognise the technique I have used here, and to those of you who are newbies, you might be wondering how exactly I have managed to capture this wonderful image and turned it into a coaster.

Read on, and all will be revealed!

I made these coasters a few months ago, after deciding I really ought to get on the Christmas bandwagon early, and knowing how these went down last year as presents for relatives I knew they would come out well.

For those of you unfamiliar with this, the technique used here is called Servietten Technique. Its a craft where  using the top, patterned layer of a napkin/serviette you place the image/pattern on to anything*

(*so far in my tests anything includes the following: Crockery, Tiles, Glass, Wood, Cloth bags, Candle and Plastic)

Using the image extracted from the napkin, glue, a paintbrush and A LOT of patience you can press and glue to image down.

Then using varnish (not on cloth!) you seal the image and also waterproof it at the same time!

These coasters come in a set of four, and have a beautiful Christmas scene covering them. They have been sealed and varnished, and are therefore waterproofed against any little spills that might come from your cup!

They are backed with green felt, giving them a soft backing, and stopping any scratches from the hard tiles on your furniture.

All coasters are wrapped in beautiful ribbon making a small stack.

These coasters are a wonderful present and can be found for just £10.00 on our Folksy Store.

Click the link above to buy it for yourself (or for a gift!)