Servietten Technique: Part Two

It was a little warmer this time, but the idea was still the same, it was time for another wonderful Servietten Technique workshop. Having enjoyed the last one so much, me and Carol popped along to learn new things and make some wonderful new items. 

I, of course, having built up a little production line of coasters last time, started right where I left off. The first napkin I came across was the one seen below, which had pictures of Strawberry's and flowers, and even a recipe for Strawberry Jam on one part...suddenly a plan was forming in my brain.

Wouldn't it be awesome to make a tiny set, aimed at possibly the single person (in my head I was thinking me, in my own flat for the first time would love something like this). A big coaster to stand your teapot for one on and a smaller coaster to stand you cup on. Perfect. 

So I set to work, using a large tile for the teapot stand and a smaller tile for the coaster.

I thought it was a nice idea to put the recipe on the larger tile, it gave it a quirky effect and thought it would be a brilliant addition to any kitchen, doubling up as a recipe as and when it is needed.

I don't know about you, but I think they ended up looking brilliant, and would give any kitchen that country cottage feel!

Another two coasters I made are the two above, I just loved the hearts & music, would be a brilliant present for a music fan and I thought it was just a beautiful pattern.

The herb one, I also thought would be a wonderful addition to a kitchen, you could even stand some of your pots on it on the work surface!

Below are two of Carol's coasters she made on the day, I love the top, nautical themed one and feel that might end up in her nautical themed bathroom!

Hope you enjoyed part two of the Servietten Technique workshop, and should there be a part three, you'll be the first to know about it!