A proper little tea party!

In February this year I turned 27, and rather than the usual birthday antics (a meal and then drinks) this year I wanted to try something a little bit different with just my closest girls. So after umming and ahhing about what exactly I was going to do, I settled on the idea of a cutesy tea party for me and the girls.
Planning was easy, and my best friend offered to help with the cake making (her cakes look & taste amazing – and I for one totally think she should set up her own mini business!) which helped me out massively! I decided Tea would be served at 3pm, with finger sandwiches, cups of tea (in cups & saucers), then scones with jam and clotted cream, and then the gorgeous cakes for pudding.
I took many pictures on the day, so I am going to share them below!

Its not easy to prepare a tea party, even for just a small number of guests!

One of our many stands, this V&A collection stand was used for our finger sandwiches.

We all had gorgeous cups and saucers to drink our tea from.

Every guest had a beautiful napkin within a napkin ring.

Each guests place setting; a tea plate, cup & saucer, napkin in napkin ring, tea spoon, knife and cake fork.

Mum took care of the table arranging, and I think you’ll agree that it looks pretty stunning.

These were the scones that we served, they are a Weight Watchers recipe that my mum found, and they are a very small and cute sized and they taste delicious. Perfect for a tea party.

 Here is a selection of Jam we served, with clotted cream (tut tut) on our weight watchers scones.

We offered our guests a selection of teas.

We served finger sandwiches, with a few different fillings, on white and brown bread. We also had a small selection (you can see in the background) of sandwiches made with wheat, gluten and dairy free bread, for those in the group with allergies and intolerance’s.

These are the beautiful cupcakes which were made by my best friend. The top ones with the sprinkles were lemon flavoured, and the bottom ones were toffee apple flavoured. Both were absolutely amazing, but I think my favourite ones were the toffee apple ones.

My best friend also made this gorgeous red velvet cake.

Love, Amybecca x