Eylure: "Girls Aloud" False Lashes

For the longest time I have wanted to try out fake eye lashes, but I never quite got round to it for a number of reasons.

The first being that although I like to play with my eye make up, I do like to keep the rest of my look looking as natural as possible, so fake eye lashes never really appealed that much.

Another reason that I didn’t really want to try false lashes was that I wasn’t so keen on putting glue that close to my eyes.

However, one day I was out shopping and I fancied a bit more of a dramatic look when I was out that evening, so I had a look about. I had seen the Girls Aloud lashes before when I had been out and about before, and I decided to have another look.

I picked up the style by Nicola Roberts, they were the most natural looking ones I could find, as the other four looked pretty obviously fake.

The eye lashes themselves do look pretty natural. I trimmed the outer edge down to fit my eyes, and also to make them look even more natural as they are larger on the out edge.

The glue is very easy to apply to the lashes, with a shaped application which makes it very easy to apply.

You then leave the glue on the lash for 30 seconds, until the glue is tacky and then apply as close to your natural lash line as possible.

I was very impressed with these lashes, the ones I got were pretty natural looking, blended in great with my own lashes (which I gave a coat of mascara in order to help them blend in). They didn’t move all night and the glue held them in place perfectly. Removal was easy (all you need to do is hold you eye taut and then gently pull the lashes and they easily come away.

All in all I really liked these lashes and would definitely purchase them again.