Keeping Cosy - an easy craft for kids!

If you're looking for another craft to keep the children entertained through the summer holidays how about egg cosy's?

Egg cosy's are a cute way to keep your boiled eggs warm in their egg cups, and children (and Adults) can customise their egg cosy however they like, making this a fun craft for the whole family.

First work out roughly the size you will need your felt to cover the egg and top of the egg cup.

Next you will need to cut out two half moon shapes out of felt in relation to the above.

Decide on how you would like to decorate your egg cosy. I have just decorated the front, but you can decorate both sides if you wish. You can use felt, buttons, material...literally anything you want! This is a craft you really can be creative with!

When you've decorated your egg cosy, its time to sew it together.

Sew, using blanket stitch, around the top of your egg cosy, leaving the bottom open, so you can pop it over your egg!

We'd love to see your creations!