Expiration Dating

We pay close attention to dates on our food, not daring to buy something if its even 5 minutes out of date, so why don’t we apply the same logic when it comes to our make up?
We’re all guilty of it, keeping products way longer than we should have, some of you might not even be aware that make up has a ‘date’ on it. But by not getting rid of products when they are out of date we’re all risking skin complaints from bacteria forming in our products.
Sounds gross doesn’t it? Maybe it might be time for us all to have a bit of a clear out…
Mascara & Liquid Liner: This is probably one of the few make up truths you will have heard about, your mascara and liquid liner. Really you shouldn’t keep these for longer than 3-4 months, and this is because of the nature of the products. The brushes are dragged across your eyes and in and out of the bottle/pot. The simple pumping action you apply to your bottle of mascara really does push bacteria down in the product with every pump…this is then transferred to your eyes.
Liquid Foundation: Liquid foundation usually has a life span of around 2 years, however if your bottle has a pump dispenser be sure to keep this clean to avoid any bacteria forming around this area. Because this product is water based this draws bacteria to it. Another thing, keep an eye out for a change in colour or scent, as this can mean the product has gone off.
Powder Foundation: This has a life span of 2 years.
Eye Shadow: Eye Shadow is probably something we all keep in our collections for the longest of times, but did you know that Eye Shadow should only really be kept for 3 months. There is a high risk of bacteria transfer between the product and your eyes.
Lipstick: Lipstick is one of those products that really you can tell when it is past its prime because it will go hard, but this should be no longer than two years. Its harder for bacteria to grow on lipstick as it has no water content.

I hope that was helpful to you guys, 
Thanks for reading!