Keep your Kindle warm!

Good evening crafty folk!

Tonight I have a little blog post about Kindles, and if you're anything like me, these cold winter nights are just perfect for snuggling up with a hot chocolate (a dairy free one for me of course!) and reading a good book on the Kindle.

However, if you are like me you're constantly worried about the screen on your Kindle. They are well known to have a delicate screen and the last thing you want is to crack and ruin your screen (especially if you don't have the insurance - eeeek)!

So that is where Blanket Stitch comes in. Why not buy your delicate little Kindle a cosy little case to keep him (or her!) warm.

Our Kindle sleeves are designed with you Kindle in mind, to keep it safe and warm. With inner padding your Kindle will be a lot more protected. All you need to do is slide your Kindle in and let the sleeve do the rest.

You can buy our Kindle cases from our Folksy shop in a variety of colours and patterns.

They make a great gift, especially with Christmas just around the corner, so why not pick up one today!