10 things to write about as a Lifestyle Blogger

If you're a Lifestyle Blogger and are stuck with some topics to write about, here is a good go-to list to keep those posts coming.

  1. 25 Questions about me - Give your readers an insight into your life.
  2. A personal story - Something you don't mind sharing with your readers.
  3. A favourite recipe - share one of your favourite recipes, teach your readers how to make it. Make sure you include some photos.
  4. An Outfit of the Day - A photo of you and explain your outfit.
  5. Guest Post - Advertise for a Guest poster ahead of time, and let another blogger take over for the day.
  6. Review a product - Whether it be Make up, Hair, Food or Technology, write a review and let your readers know what you thought.
  7. A day in my life - this can either be written or videoed - Let your readers into your world for the day.
  8. Fitness Routine - Explain to your readers how you keep fit.
  9. Get your spouse to write a blog - a popular post title might be either all about them or what it's like being the partner of a blogger.
  10. Write a 'How to' guide - Teach your viewers something you know and pass the knowledge on.
Happy Blogging!