A corsage project

When I started this project I was going to be making a corsage to wear in my hair for my good friends wedding. As it turns out she then made me bridesmaid so I won't be wearing it for this event, but I am sure I will be wearing it in the future!

I wanted something elegant, fancy, wedding-esque and to match the gorgeous dress (which by the way, Carol made for me).

I picked three different materials, a soft silky (but not actual silk) cream material, the polka dot material that the dress is made from, and some cream lace.

The making of the corsage was easy, for each of the materials I cut out 3 squares. I then folded each square into quarters and cut it as if I was making a flower shape.

I then layered them over each other, at different angles, so as when gathered it would show off all the materials.

I gathered it underneath and then stitched it to make sure it was tight,

Next I attached a kirby grip to it so it would fit easily in my hair.

Lastly, I added some little accessories, some clear, cute buttons, pearls and diamante sparkle.

I loved the end result so much, I decided to make a smaller version and wear it as a corsage on the cream jacket that would go with the dress.

I did everything the same, except added a badge pin instead of a kirby grip.

What do you think? Do you like the corsage?

Let me know in the comments!