Kitten's can have treats too

Just a quick on today... you may or may not know (depending on whether you follow me on Twitter or not (I am FizziPop25 FYI) ) that I have a teenie tiny baby kitten. 

She's four months old now and we've had her for almost 2 months already, she's the light of our lives and keeps us constantly on our toes. 

While busily crafting for Blanket Stitch the other day, she was determined to get involved, pulling bits of thread, climbing through the material, attacking felt, climbing in our draw unit and trying to get her nose (and paws) in some paint. If she can get involved, she will! 

So, I thought, what can I do to make her leave us alone to craft in peace?

So I made her a toy go along with the other 40,000 mice that are littered around the house!

It was so easy to make, and the little toad is now always wandering around the house with her little pink mouse in her mouth (thats when she's not creating havoc or sleeping).

1. Decide on the size mouse you want to make, nothing to small and fiddly.

2. Cut out a shape (double it up so you only have to sew one side) out of the colour of felt you wish.

3. Cut out some felt for the tail and choose a different colour for the ears.

4. Using thread sew in some eyes and then attach the ears.

5. Using blanket stitch, sew the top together, almost all the way to the end, just leaving enough of a gap to stuff it.

6. Using some thread sew in a nose on the front.

7. Using a child safe stuffing (like you would get for Teddy Bears).

8. Sew up the end, sewing in the tail as you go.

So there you go, in eight easy steps you can make a cute toy for your pet!

Do you have any pets you have made toys for? Leave me comments about what pets you have, what toys they love and maybe I can feature them all in a blog post at a later date!