Pure Breakfast Smoothie

There is nothing I love more in the morning than a yummy smoothie. What I love the most is how you can just chuck in most fruits and they taste amazing!

Here was this mornings breakfast smoothie, packed full of goodness!

Read below for Recipe!

1. Take a ripe Mango and cut it open, spoon out the insides into your juicer/blender.

2. Blend Mango until a fine puree is left.

3. Cut open a Nectarine and again spoon out the ingredients, blend this into the puree.

4. Remove the skin of the Kiwi and cut into small cubes, add to the mixture and blend until smooth.

5. Cut a slice of Melon, cut flesh of Melon into cubes and add to the mixture. Blend again until a puree.

6. Add orange juice depending on how thick you would like it.

7. Enjoy!

Love, Amybecca x