Blanket Stitch: Vintage Bunting: The wedding

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If you've haven't read Vintage Bunting: Part One then I thoroughly suggest you do, so you know exactly what I am going on about!

Also I urge to you read this: A handmade Wedding by Alison Bomber

In August was the wonderful wedding of two very dear friends, Laura & Adam.

As you will know from the previous Vintage Bunting post, Me, Carol & Laura, spent a great deal of time making the individual flags for the bunting. We cut the flags, sewed them up to make double sided bunting, and then spent hours organising them and fixing them on to the binding, but all our hard work paid off, and on the day they looked wonderful, something I was so proud to be a part of.

The individual flags...

The sewn, double sided flags.

And here are a few pictures of the wonderful wedding, starring some Blanket Stitch bunting!

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  1. I was following the vintage bunting making on here and on twitter, how wonderful did it turn out! Well done it looks totally amazing and from the pictures adds to the look of a vintage wedding