My Vintage 6 easy steps

My Bedroom has been a work in progress for several years. I decorated it about 2 years ago, then I moved out and now I have moved back, and I am trying to get it just how I want it (although I thoroughly believe it will never be quite finished...).

I thought I would take you along on my little journey on the small little bits and pieces I am doing to my room to make it just right, I also wanted to give it a little bit of a vintage feel too.

1. Decorating old boxes
This is something I suddenly thought up a few weeks ago, I have a lot of old white DVD storage boxes that were just sitting collecting dust and thought that it might be a nice idea to paint some writing on them, and use them to store other bits in, aside from DVDs.

2. Reusing an old Lamp
When mum told me she was going to throw this lamp away because she couldn't really find anywhere for it, I just couldn't let her. Its a beautiful piece and really brings the vintage theme to life. While swapping lamps I also cleared up my bedside table, and as you will see all I have is the 'new' lamp, my alarm clock, my homemade vintage style coaster (more on that later) and my Wenlock teddy I got from the Olympic games.

3. Vintage Coasters
Would you believe I made this coaster myself? And you wouldn't believe how easy it is!
It is made using Servietten Technique, a technique in which you use a serviette/napkin/tissue to decorate a variety of objects.

The technique is simple… Choose your object, ensure you’re using the correct glue (for anything other than fabric use Decopatch glue which can be bought from Hobby Craft). Cut out the size or area of a serviette you wish to use, you can use the whole thing (see coaster above) or just individual parts (see Candle below). Then peel all the layers so you only have the top layer (this is very important!!!). Cover the area which you section of serviette will cover, with a light smattering of glue, then allow to dry. When the area is dry, cover the image on top with glue, start at the inside and work your way to the outer edge, being ever so gentle so as not to tear the serviette – this seals the image. Allow to dry!
If making a coaster, like above, use a kitchen/bathroom tile. These are great, fun & inexpensive to give as gifts, and are really effective I think you’ll agree! If doing this, ensure you varnish (2-3 coats) with a clear, polyurethane varnish to really seal the image and protect it from the heat. Also glue felt to the back to produce a really gorgeous, long lasting coaster.

4. Homemade iMac Cover
I used to have just the white cover than the iMac came with, not ideal but it did the job. Then mum suggested  that she could make me a cover to match my room. I picked out some gorgeous Cath Kidson material, sent mum off with the original cover and this is what she came back with...

5. Candles
Candles are a great way to decorate a room, and a great way to soften the atmosphere. I have many candles in my room, some I have bought and some that I have decorated using Servietten Technique which I spoke about earlier.

6. Vintage Art
I've always loved the wooden signs you can buy just about everywhere these days. I made this one myself using wooden cut outs bought from Hobbycraft, which I painted

Love, Amybecca x