How to: Fake Tanning

If you’re going to fake tan, I am of the opinion you might as well spend out and get a good product. When I was younger (and I am hardly old now), I used to use fake tan a lot, however, now its something I never bother with, but I thought I was give my two cents on the matter.

After using product after product, and ending up with streaky legs, half done arms and just generally resembling Katie Price on a bad day…I decided to invest in some St Tropez fake tanning lotion…and suddenly I was saved.

St Tropez is unlike any other fake tan, there is such a variety in its range, that its difficult to know where to start if you are a newbie, so I am going to do my best to introduce you to the range in the easiest possible way!

Step One: Polisher

The key to a good long lasting tan is in the preparation, so first of all you have the Body Polisher. First you need to prepare and smooth your body with St Tropez Body Polish.

Step Two: Moisturiser

Next you need to fully moisturise your body, paying particular attention to areas known for dryness (Knees, Elbows, hands, ankles and feet).

Step Three: The Tan

St Tropez never wanted to make it easy for us, and thats why they designed not one, not two, but three different ways to achieve that summer glow. Which ever way you decide (Spray, Lotion or Mousse), its important to make sure step one and two have been completed. This way you ensure that you will get a gorgeous, all over, golden tan. Whether you decide to use the spray, lotion or mousse is down to personal choice. All I can say is, I prefer the mousse. Tan will need to be left around 8 hours to fully develop and you’ll need to hydrate your skin daily with St Tropez Moisturiser and use St Tropez Body Polish every other day to ensure your tan fades evenly.

The Mitt

The Mitt is your most powerful weapon if using mousse, and allows you to glide your mousse fake tan all over your body.

The Latex Gloves

If you go for the lotion version, then its the latex gloves that will be your weapon of choice. Use these to rub the lotion all over.

The Buffing Mitt

Another Mitt, but this goes with the lotion, and shouldn’t be used to apply fake tan. Use it to buff the excess lotion while it is drying on your skin.

Rapide Face

This is your fake tan for your face, which is a tinted self tanning cream. You need to gently rub this into smooth, clean, dry skin for a perfect tan.

I hope all that helps. Fake tanning can be a daunting process for the first time.