Going Nautical: How to bring the beach into your home.

Hello Readers!

Today's blog post is DIY related and how to to bring the beach into your home. Nautical prints & accessories are really popular at the moment, and for a room like the bathroom, it can be a really lovely addition to make a room look a lot different.

Our bathroom used to be plain cream walls and our usual bathroom bits around, and not much else. When we decided to try the nautical look in the bathroom it opened up a world of possibilities for the room.

We started by adding some blue to one of the walls to bring in an additional colour which would be needed for when we started to add in our accessories.

Before I go on to show you the bits and pieces we bought to bring the nautical theme into the bathroom, let me explain how my house is built. The house is built on a hill, over three floors. From the front of my house it looks like its two floors, and from the back it looks like three floors. The bathroom is at the front of the house and essentially is underground, with a window coming down what was the old coal hole. Here are two photo's to better explain how it is set up. It still manages to keep the room pretty bright and it means we have an area in which we could make a feature of some of the nautical pieces we bought.

The top picture shows the feature we made, with boats, lighthouses, rope, beach huts and lots of shells. Most of the pieces in here were picked up from The Range, which have a wonderful nautical selection and the pieces are not too expensive. 

In front of the perspex window, we have a beach hut draft excluder. It can get chilly there, especially as the bath is right under the window, so it is important to have something to stop the draft. This draft excluder we picked up from The Range.

In front of that we have these blue letters which spell out beach, but in our house you can often walk into the bathroom and find a different word spelt out.

The other end of the ledge we have this cute little boat, which we also got from The Range.

These curtains are just decorative and I think really make a feature of the window area. The burlap on the bottom was sewn onto the top fabric, and made into curtains by my Mum.

I made this bag with my friend, and was one of the first Servietten Technique pieces I did. It looks wonderful in the bathroom.

A recent addition to the bathroom are these little bags, and I think they are great for holding bottles and look like little beach bags.

These few little decorations (the stitched one made by Mum) decorate the walls, and bring the nautical theme into the room a little bit more.

And last but not least, our sink area. The white pallet wood and the white wicker basket unit certainly bring in a bit more of the beach. Its looks distressed and beach worn, and fits in with the theme of the room.

I hope you like this little tour of our nautical bathroom, I love it I think it is a fun and wonderful theme to play around with. There are lots of nautical themed pieces in the shops, but also it wouldn't be too hard to make some yourself.

Do you have a nautical themed room? I would love to see it, please leave me any links below!