Review: Rimmel Stay Matte Concealer

Usually, where concealers are concerned, I find one I love and run it into the ground (then to find that its been discontinued and can never have it again).
Recently, I’ve been trying out a wide range of different things, not only in concealers but other make up products too, not to waste my money but to find the best thing out there for what I need.
My chin is a problematic area for me. I suffer with a form of adult acne and every now and then it flares up to epic proportions, and when it does I need a concealer that will work.
My latest find is Rimmel’s Stay Matte Concealer which you can see pictured. What I love about this concealer is it’s a duo action stick. The creamy/yellow colour covers the blemish while the green treats the blemish, helping it heal that much faster.
I love this because its got great coverage and it really does help the blemish go down and heal!
If you suffer with breakouts and blemishes and want a concealer that not only covers, but heals too, then go for this. It comes highly recommended!