Blanket Stich: iPods - A warm and cuddly case!

When I first picked up my iPod classic and saw the easily scratchable back I knew one thing immediately - I needed a case!

Cases these days tend to be fairly plain for iPod's (and not to mention very expensive for what they are!) so I decided to design my own.

That's when I decided on the sleeve design. Easy to use, durable, washable and keeps your iPod clean and safe, and most importantly...unscratched! They are made from soft material and padded inside for extra protection.

All you need to do is pop your iPod inside the sleeve and let the sleeve do the rest! You can even squeeze your headphones in too!

These are great as presents or even just for yourself.

Check out our full range of cases in our Folksy Store.

*These cases will fit the following iPod's: Classic, Touch and also the iPhone.