Writing & Me

For a long time I have been a blogger, 2009 is where it all began when I opened a little beauty blog called 'Beauty & the Make up Bag' where I wrote about make up and beauty products, did reviews and tutorials. It wasn't long before I was getting a good amount of views and took the big step into buying my own domain name. As the blog grew and grew I took the decision to move it to its own hosting and manage every aspect of it myself.

As I continued blogging I found I was becoming unable to meet the demand of every day blogging so joined forces with another blogging friend and 'Beauty Chic' was born. We blogged and contributed to Beauty Chic for two years, with beauty tips, tutorials and beauty videos. It was after much deliberation and after real life becoming busy and taking over that we decided to stop contributing to Beauty Chic. I decided to take some time out and not blog for a while.

But... I missed blogging. Truth be told I love writing and I love blogging, and although the break was nice I had missed it. So I decided to start writing again. It started with the blog for mine and my mums Craft business (Blanket Stitch) and then developing this blog. This time I decided to blog in the lifestyle genre, this way I could incorporate everything I love; cooking, Beauty, Crafting and everything and anything else I felt like blogging about.

Now I am enjoying blogging about everything that I am interested in, and exploring more subjects at the same time.

I hope you enjoy this blog, my writing, my craft blog ( http://www.theblanketstitch.co.uk/) if you are interested in a blogger or copywriter please check out my page below.